Definition of Role

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The Principal is the administrative head of the school, and coordinates the academic, social, custodial and socialization activities of the school, and is responsible to the founding authority of the school. She may have one or more assistants, and may delegate responsibilities to other staff members and students as is necessary, for the growth and well-being of the school. She is to be responsible for the provision of equipment and materials necessary for the smooth running of affairs in the school. She is to ensure that all areas of the school are properly coordinated. She will also liaise with the ministry of education and other appropriate authorities for the growth and progress of the school. All matters that cannot be handled by staff members are to be directed to the Principal. Above all she must be willing to listen both to parents, staff members, and students’ concerns, and as much as possible for the assessment of staff members. Such assessment will cover areas of attendanc


Teachers in the school are to act “as loco parents” that is, in place of the students’ parents/guardians. They are to deal kindly but firmly with students, and teach with the love of Christ. They are to b e good examples to students in the way they carry out their responsibilities. They are to enforce discipline with prudence and firmness, for corrective purposes, whenever the need arises.

- They are to encourage students to participate in co-curricular activities, and feel free to initiate such activities in the school, with the permission of the school principal. Since the teachers play a central role in the educational of the students, they are to constantly seek new and better ways of imparting knowledge on the students, and feel free to advise the administration on relevant teaching aids, excursion needs, and so on, in their subject areas.

- Staff members are to sign in and out of school as appropriate. A sign-in book is provided for this purpose. Staff members leaving the school premises during school hours are to sign the “movement book”.

- Prior written permission is required for absence from school. The school recognized the possibility of illness, and consideration will be given according to individual needs.

- Lesson notes and diaries are to be submitted for vetting in the principal’s office every Thursday and picked up the following day.

- After every scheduled assessment test, the scores are to be entered neatly into the result booklet not later than five days after the test.

- Form teachers are expected to take proper attendance records in the class registers, and ensure that their students’ notes are marked by other subject teachers.


Students are sent to school by their parents or guardians to acquire good education, so as to be responsible adults in the society in the future. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the students to appreciate the effort of their parents, and adhere to all the rules and regulations of the school. This will help them to achieve great success. They are also to participate in student’s government duties as prescribed by the school authorities and learn leadership responsibilities. Students of Sacred Heart High School are to conduct themselves responsibly with a high sense of dignity and respect.


Parents and guardians of the students in our school are part of our school system. They are welcome to the school to discuss the welfare of their wars and that of the school when they have need for this. Our school encourages them to be part of the system, to actively and constructively suggest ways for growth and improvement in the school. They are to provide what is needed for their children’s education such as school fees, books and other requirements. They are to show interest in their children’s schoolwork, check their notebooks, and discourage them from behavior that is counterproductive to their educational needs.